Kesuan Engineering (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd | About Us
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Kesuan Engineering (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd was established in 1994 as a custom manufacturer that provide comprehensive manufacturing services for businesses in the switchgears, lighting, automotive and other industries.
Located in Selangor, Malaysia, we have the capability and flexibility to produce work to meet customer specification and deadlines. Our experience gives us the ability to machine variety of materials such as mild steel, stainless steels, brass, aluminium, copper, plastics, forging and cast iron.

Since 1994, Kesuan has experienced steady growth and now have 100 employees available to serve our customers needs. Our success is through our commitment in producing high quality and price competitive machine parts as per the requirements of the clients.

Kesuan actively deploys their Quality Assurance Program throughout their manufacturing processes as a registered ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 company to ensure continual process improvement and to maintain the realization that the materials utilized and the products produced, are in high quality and accuracy.

Vision & Mission

Our Mission

We are dedicated to manufacturing parts with high quality and timely delivery to meet or exceed customer’s requirements.

Company Vision

To become one of the leading manufacturers in metal fabrication services.